To maintain the highest levels of hygiene within the clinic and to minimise the risk of infection please read the questions below before you come to your appointment.

  •  Have you been in close contact with anyone who’s been diagnosed with Covid-19?

  •  Have you been in close contact with anyone showing symptoms of Covid-19?

  •  Do you have a high temperature (over 37.8*c)?

  •  Do you have a new, continuous cough?

  •  Do you have any loss or change to your sense of taste or smell?


If you answer YES to any of these then we suggest you visit the NHS online service for Covid-19. We will also unfortunately have to reschedule your appointment, so please  contact Kate asap to do this.

Infection Control Measures

I am sure you will appreciate all Osteopaths are having to change the way clinics are run in order to comply with regulatory guidance to keep everybody safe. Risk assessments have been carried out at the clinic and all necessary measures have been put in place to mitigate potential risks and minimise the risk of infection.

Hand Sanitizer

Your Appointment


  • Please wear a face mask to your appointment. Should you forget, masks will be available. Practitioners will be wearing PPE: a face mask and a plastic apron..

  • When you enter the waiting area please sanitize your hands and then take a seat.

  • Kindly arrive no more than 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

  • If appropriate, try to come alone instead of bringing other family members with you.

  • Kindly aim to pay by card or cash.

  • Osteopaths will allow ample time to clean the practice and disinfect any surfaces a patient may have come into contact with, ie; door handles/toilet facilities/taps/chairs/clinic couch/floor etc. Wipe-down couch covers and pillow cases will now be used and will be cleaned after each patient. Towels will no longer be supplied to cover the areas of your body - please bring your own towel if you wish.


  • The practice room will be well ventilated between sessions.



  • Whilst we are taking all precautions to minimise risk there will always be a small chance of infection. By attending the practice you consent to this risk, and also any risks from Osteopathic treatment itself.